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Video 1: Sarah Saltus Commercial Reel

Running Time: 4:16 min.

Color / Sound

Commercial reel represents the many varied genres and styles, characters, and range of the many products and brands that Sarah has been asked to represent professionally.

Audio 1: Sarah Saltus TV VO

Video 3: Sarah Saltus: TV VO Commercials

Length: 2:27 min.

Professional TV VO Commercials:

Apple Bank, IBM, Weight Watchers, Southwest Airlines, Crayola Washable Crayons, Betteridge Jewelers, Post Fruit & Fibre Cereal

Video 2: Sarah Saltus: Museum/Art Gallery

Running Time: 12:55 min.

Color / Sound

Art Magazine voice over narration describing the art works available for sale at Museums and Art Galleries.

Audio 2: Audiobook Narration: Clips

Eastern Forests: Non-fiction, documentary

Pigs in Heaven (Jax): Mainstream Fiction

Haywire: Biography

Discerning the Voice of God: Non-fiction, inspirational

Pigs in Heaven (Waitress): Mainstream Fiction, humor

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